Want to know how to make your own beautiful gel candles?

Gel Candle
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shows you a step by step process of making unique gel candles at home. Even if you have never made a candle before, with this candle making book you will easily make exiting candles for yourself and gifts to your friends.


Candles – the easiest way to bring a little bit of magic to everyday life. They can be any shape, size and scent, so it is easy to find the perfect candle for any occasion and mood. The cheapest and most common are paraffin candles. There are also natural alternatives such as beeswax and soy candles. Gel candles even though not natural are quite popular as well. They look beautiful and burn clear and much longer than wax candles.

This site aims to provide you with information about different types of candles, giving you tips on how to get the best quality candles at the reasonable price. Here are the types of candles you can find on the market:

  • votive candles
  • pillar candles
  • highly scented jar candles
  • triple scented candles
  • aromatherapy candles
  • floating candles
  • soy wax candles
  • gel candles
  • wedding candles

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Scented candles are the most popular of all candles

Scented candles are an easy way to fill your room with a fragrance. You can find scented candles of all kinds: fruit-scented candles, floral fragrances and candles that smell like cookies. There are also many styles and shapes available: gel, soy, bee wax, pillar, tarts, votives, jar candles, and more. We review and recommend you the best candle retailers that produce some of the finest candles with exciting fragrances.

You can try scented soy candles they burn longer than traditional paraffin candles. Also soy candles are non-toxic and won’t live black spots on your walls and furniture. Many candles are scented with essential oils, or oils that some from plants.

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Scented candles are not only used to create a pleasant smell. Aromatherapy candles can also help you relax or improve your mood. They include essential oils like. As they burn aromatherapy candles release to the air a small stream of essential oils derived from flowers and herbs. The chemicals in the oils affect your brain to create and relaxation effect.

Not all scented candles have aromatherapy effect. Only high quality natural essential oils should be used in aromatherapy, candles should have a label "pure essential oils”


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